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Guest Speaker Application

There are many ways you can support our cause to finding alternatives to violence. Speaking out against it or using your personal experience is a great way!

This year, we are focused on reaching out to our misguided teenagers, who are often vilified without understanding their thought process. We are looking for speakers who can use their experience as a testament. If we connect with our youth, we have a chance to help them want to make responsible choices.

Please complete the form below in its entirety. Carefully articulate yourself if possible, so that we can clearly understand the level of your passion to speak to our audience. Note that submission does not constitute acceptance; we will contact you once we review your application, which must be submitted no later than July 3, 2018.

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Other Ways You Can Help

Another great way to help is to set up a booth at the actual festival. You may handout informational pamphlets or samples for your business and it is a great way to give back to the community. If you wish to provide products in lieu of money, please contact us directly. Also, the very thread and foundation of our efforts require a very integral factor: VOLUNTEERS! Please complete a volunteer application if you would rather help prior to and/or during the Event. If you would rather sing than speak (e.g. you’re a singer, poet, musician, rapper, comedian, etc) please feel free to complete a talent application.


Making a real dent in our fight against violence requires us to raise money. Every bit helps, whether $10 or 10,000. Please use the form below to donate to us electronically or reach out to us directly for donations in-person.

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