• Local Companies Use Jazz Fest To Sell Rochester To Clients

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    The Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival has become a highlight of the summer, attracting more than 160,000 people from across the region and world, downtown.Jazz Festival The festival is also attracting significant private investment, and is being used as a tool to lure clients and grow local corporations.

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  • So where are the guns coming from?

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    According to National Criminal Justice Reference System (NCJRS)

    Homicide victimization and offending was concentrated geographically in a small section of [Rochester, NY], where homicide rates for young Black men were nearly 70 times those in the Nation as a whole.[1]

    In fact, at one point as many as 22% of young males had carried a firearm illegally![2]

    Gun Violence



    With that being said, do you think that we can help curb violence by getting more illegal guns off the street?

    In order to answer this question, we must consider the source. Illegal guns find their way on the streets in a variety of ways. For example, a British gun dealer recently posted $175,000 in bail for allegedly illegally importing Chinese-made AK-47 magazines for purchase by a Chili-based weapons distributor, American Tactical Imports.[3] Also, according to the NCJRS, many of our guns may come from West Virginia; there are known “Guns For Drugs” operations where traffickers will trade illegal firearms in exchange for street drugs.[4] Neighboring states such as New Jersey and New York are recipients of illegal guns as a result!

    Gun Bounty Program

    Obviously we want to be a part of the solution by researching what other communities are doing to help get these guns off the street. Perhaps we can try a tactic used in Miami, FL called the “Gun Bounty” program. This is apparently more effective than traditional “Gun Buy Back” programs have been rather ineffective.[5] According to Wikipedia:

    [Gun Bounty programs] involve cash rewards for anonymous tips about illegal weapons that leads to an arrest and a weapons charge. Since its inception May 2007, the Miami program led to 264 arrests, confiscation of 432 guns owned illegally and $2.2 million in drugs, as well as solved several murder and burglary cases.


    So what do you think?

    Do you think we should urge the city of Rochester to implement a Gun Bounty program of some sort? Do you think these street guns can help curb violence in Rochester? Do you have any other ideas of how to address the problem? We want to hear from you!




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  • Police Focus on Leads in Missing RIT Student Case

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    State police have discontinued their physical search of the wooded area where an RIT college student went missing and are now focusing on following up on leads they have developed.

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    George Delany

    21-year-old George Delany has been missing since last Saturday 3/12

  • Rochester man pleads guilty to beating food delivery driver with baseball bat

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    A Rochester man today admitted that he beat a restaurant delivery driver with a baseball bat in Penfield so four friends could rob him.

    Kenneth W. Glaum Jr., 25, pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery in an attack on Jordan Rogers, a deliverer for Empire Hots in Webster, outside a home on Bella Drive on Oct. 20, 2010.

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  • Photos from St. Patrick’s Day parade!

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    St. Patrick's Day parade

    St. Patrick's Day parade on East Ave

    Did you miss the St. Patrick’s Day parade this year, here in Rochester?

    No worries, simply click here to to view plenty of photos  line East Avenue for the annual parade. Provided by Metromix.

  • We’re looking for a great logo!

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    Since we changed the name to ♫ ROC THE PEACE ♫, we’ve had to figure out what we should use as a logo this year. Here are a few options we came up with. We’ll also choose colors once we can figure out what’s best. What do you think?

    ROC THE PEACE Logo (Draft #1)
    Logo Draft #2



  • Damon City Campus Job Fair

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    Damon City Campus Job Fair

    Full & Part Time Opportunities


    Be sure to check out the Damon City Campus Job Fair
    on Wednesday, March 23, 2011!

    Sponsored by:

    • Monroe Community College
    • University of Rochester
    • Urban League or Rochester, NY, Inc.
    • Action for a Better Community, Inc.


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