• Join the Fight Against Violence at the Liberty Pole, Jan. 13 at 1:30PM!

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    Due to the continued fights at the Liberty Pole, people in the community are being asked to come together and TAKE A STAND! For those interested, a group will be meeting at at 1:00pm at the Liberty Pole to try to make sure that the senselessness DOES NOT continue to happen. To get these children to their designations safely. It is asked that you bring your common sense and wisdom/knowledge. Shortly after at 4:15pm there will be a meeting at the Avenue D Rec Center Game Room (200 Avenue D). 

    We constantly “talk” and and get enraged and disguised about the issues but it’s time that those who talk, step up and act to solve these issues. This affects everyone living in the city to suburbs. One day this violence could spread to you or someone you love. TAKE A STAND!

    Now with that being said, Rochester, in your opinion what are some things that WE as a community; not just the politicians and school district but all of us, need to do in order for us to take back our city and get these kids on the right track. While you may not be able to reach them all, a good number of them are not bad. Many are just following the crowd and can be influenced.

    What are your suggestions?

    D&C Article – 200 Join Fight at Liberty Pole, http://on.rocne.ws/yNzhxK

  • Greece Community Job Fair – TODAY 8/25/11 – 10AM to 2PM!!

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    Looking for employment? Come to the Greece Community Job Fair at Greece Ridge Center to see what 30+ employers have to offer!!! Remember to come with your resume and dress for success!

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