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ROCHESTER, NY Christopher “C-Snake Boogie” Jones liked sports and girls. He was quiet, the youngest of four boys, but on Nov. 17, 2007, he went from being an ordinary 16-year-old to a statistic the 52nd homicide victim in the Rochester region for the year, when he was gunned down outside his home.

On (what would have been) Chris’ 17th birthday in 2008, his mother, Sirena Cotton, put together the first “Peace for Chris Fest and all victims of violence.”

Cotton has sent organized a peace festival each year, renaming it “Roc the Peace,” to honor victims of any type of inner-city violence. The event seeks to impede the continual slaughter on Rochester’s relentless streets.

“Roc the Peace” will takes place each year, typically in July at Rochester’s Jones Square Park. It features a variety of speakers and entertainment, all with one thought in mind: stopping violence in Rochester, New York.

ROC THE PEACE is a grassroots effort of, by and for the people living in the same communities that have seen far more than their share of violence, “Roc the Peace” is a chance to save at least one life.

Also, you will find sponsorship opportunities to help ensure “Roc the Peace” and its message gets heard. See the menu on the right for more information.

About The Organizer

R.I.P. Christopher J. Jones

Hello everyone,

My name is Sirena Cotton. On 11/17/2007, my son Christopher “C-Snake Boogie” Jones was the victim of a senseless act of violence. Chris was the 52nd Homicide victim of 2007. There were 58 Homicides that year. July 23rd, 2008 Chris would have turned 17. So for his B-day I decided to not only celebrate Chris’ life, but to hold a Peace Fest in his honor; as well as for other victims of violence. It was called “Peace for Chris Fest and all victims of violence”. Senator Robach was the key note speaker.

Since then Tone Williams and myself decided to organize another “Peace Fest” to honor all victims of all types of violence. We also changed the name to reflect the victims of our city of Rochester NY. It is now called “Roc the Peace”.


Our Volunteers

The following Volunteer Associates have been instrumental in helping RTP become a huge success!
  • Toni Nelson
  • Wanda Ridgeway
  • Oscar McGrew
  • Ernest Frazier
  • Sabrina Lamar
    Candice Williams
    Nikki Robinson Harris
    Joanne Bass
    Tiffany Benjamin
    Vincent McIntyre
    Jadira Guadalupe-Clark
    Marilyn Cotton
    Darius Dash Taylor

  • Tone Williams
We also don’t want to forget other volunteers who have donated their time as well.
  • Latifah Bruce
  • Rhonda Dixon
  • Wendy Stiner
  • Tonya Nichol Dickerson
  • Sheila Hundley
  • Nicole Davis
  • Carlos Quinones Coker

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