• Rise Up Rochester Monthly Homicide Support Group Expands to Include Saturday Session

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    Rise Up Rochester is expanding its free monthly support group for grieving family members and friends suffering from the loss of loved ones to homicide. The monthly support group was designed to help the community find voice, access referrals, and create opportunities for advocacy.

    The Support Group will now meet regularly as listed on their website. All meetings are conducted at Rise Up Rochester’s main office on 244 South Plymouth Avenue, Rochester, NY. Refreshments are served and childcare is available.

    For more information, please contact Wanda Ridgeway, Support Group Coordinator, at (585) 461-1395 or visit their website here.

    About Rise Up Rochester

    In response to Rochester, New York’s 50+ homicides in each of the years 2004–2007, on January 5, 2008, Baber African Methodist Episcopal Church launched a countywide anti-snitching billboard campaign named You Bet I Told through Rise Up Rochester, a nonprofit organization that provides support to crime victims and their families. Rise Up Rochester seeks to empower the community to establish and maintain a nonviolent culture.