• Town Hall Meeting Aug 2015

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    The Rochester Police Department uses its crime scene tape much more than the city’s surrounding suburbs. From the drive-by triple homicide at Rochester’s only Boys & Girls last week to the shooting of 24-year old on Portland Avenue last night, local residents are crying out for relief in what seems to be a city in torment.

    In response to the recent string of violence, ROC The Peace and Rise Up Rochester, Inc. will be holding an impromptu town hall meeting on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 7 PM – 9 PM at 244 South Plymouth Avenue to discuss possible ways to impede the violence in Rochester. Organizers will attempt to identify a target age group where the greatest impact can be made and the target ages that are committing crimes.

    “We’ve had several prayer circles and our annual peace fest just last month, but it all seems unavailing when you continue to read about murder after murder,” says ROC The Peace volunteer Candice E. Williams. “We expect there to be plenty of ideas from the general public this evening, and we hope to find common ground so that we can begin to construct a citywide plan of action.”

    Designed to bring awareness and resources to victims of violence, Roc the Peace began in earnest in response to a mother, Sirena Cotton, losing two sons to street violence. Cotton saw the value in bringing together mutually invested community groups and leaders to address a larger common interest; a common need. Rise Up Rochester and ROC the Peace is committed to providing a stable and consistent message that promotes non violence and assistance to victims of crime. Visit rocthepeace.org and riseuprochester.net for additional information.

    Carlos Quinones-Coker,
    Volunteer, ROC The Peace
    Email: business@rocthepeace.com
    Telephone: (585) 708-9787