• ROC The Peace Launches #IamROChappy Campaign

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    sc_adam-mcfadden-rtp-fest-2014Today is not only a day to celebrate our country’s independence, but the first day Roc The Peace launches it’s online multi-video “I am ROC Happy” campaign. The campaign is aimed to help restore pride in Rochester, New York while promoting the 5th Annual Rise Up and Roc The Peace Fest scheduled to kick off on Saturday, July 19, 2014.

    “Happy” is an award-winning hit single from producer and pop artist Pharrell Williams. The infectious tune has attracted people of all cultures, capturing the top spot in over 20 countries worldwide. People all over have mimicked the music video, featuring common, “everyday” people walking to the tune. Roc The Peace’s rendition is no different, only customizing it to feature various areas of greater Rochester, New York.

    The videos feature volunteers of all ages, dancing, skating, walking, smiling with the idea that Rochester is made to live. “Your smallest contributions make a world of difference to your loved ones and to complete strangers,” explains Rochester native Tone Williams, a volunteer for ROC The Peace. “We are committed to restoring hope and pride in an effort to curb violence in our city.” The campaign is designed to inspire others to become more positively involved with the community and the successful turnout  demonstrates the effectiveness of the creative effort.

    ROC The Peace is an organization founded by Sirena Cotton, after her 16 year old son, Christopher Jones, was gunned down outside of his home in Rochester in 2007. Jones marked Rochester’s 52nd homicide that year. Since then, the name of the function has changed but the mission has not: to curb inner-city violence. Cotton is working diligently with other organizations such as Rise Up Rochester, a non-profit organization geared to uplift the city. The 5th Annual Rise Up and Roc The Peace  Fest will be staged on July 19th 2014, 12 PM at Jones Square Park. This year’s keynote speaker will be Hon Mayor Lovely Warren along with a performance by Michael Burton, 2014 Roc Awards winner for Best Male Gospel Artist. An afternoon lineup of local talent will showcase to include rap, poetry, dance, vocal artist comedians and more. As joint partners, Rise Up Rochester and ROC The Peace expect a record turnout this year and have prepared food, games, prizes and much more for this family oriented event.

    ROC The Peace is in part Toneee.com (web development, graphic design and social media marketing), Setting The Tone (marketing and project management), CROCK AV STUDIO (filming and production) and 12 Parks Studios (production). The “Happy” videos and more information regarding this year’s festival are available at rocthepeace.org/happy.