• Rochester Police Dept. Chief James Sheppard’s Anti-Violence Message

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     It’s OUR community!

S. Jones says:

The community needs to start having roundtable discussions about the rash and violent murders that have been cutting the lives of our youth short. Tysean Williams, a 15-year old was senselessly shot multiple times and subsequently died from his injuries when he answered the door at his OWN home. Why is the general public or the community not geniunely upset about these vicious crimes? Tysean’s death should not be viewed as just another “death/murder in the community” it is an outrage. To raise awareness about the issue of gun violence a petition in memory of Tysean has been started: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/strengthen-gun-trafficking Please encourage members of your movement to sign the petition and continue to raise awarness about the senseless acts of violence in the community. Thank you.