• Million Hood March for Trayvon Martin, Sunday, March 25th at 3PM

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    There will be a Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin this Sunday (3/25) at 3PM. The march will begin downtown at the Liberty Pole end at City Hall. On Monday, March 26th there will also be a virtual protest where you change your profile pic to one of you wearing a hoodie or Trayvon’s pic. Please come out and show your support for this effort.

Chris says:

My heart goes out to the mother and father of Trayvon Martin. A young man lost his life because he was singled out as suspicous. If a teenager simply walking is suspicous then do we go get a gun and kill our teenagers? Zimmerman labeled that poor kid suspicous because he was black. Zimmerman was there with a gun. He was told not to follow the boy. He got out of his car knowing he was told not to do so. When a man provokes another man he can expect a fight. Trayvon may have been in fear that Zimmerman was trying to harm him. Regardless of whatever Martin may have had in his past, that didn’t give Zimmerman a free pass to kill him. What a terrible unjust verdict. I am a 51 yar old white woman. Not a racist. Just a woman who is sad tand feels hat a young man lost his life because of the color of his skin. Not because of the fight. The fight wouldn’t have happened if Zimmerman hadn’t got out of that car.

FlavaConnect says:

Trayvon’s death has impacted the lives of millions nationwide and justice need to be served. We believe that everyone is entitled to freedom of speech at the cause in the launch of a new online community called FlavaConnect. Through here members can speak his or her mind through discussion about Trayvon Martin’s death and other situations in the world today.

Marqeurite Echols says:

We have to under that with every action is a equal and opposite reaction….this young man lost his life because the person took his life didn’t do what he was asked….the police told him not to follow him…..when we take matters in our own hands let’s pray we do for the good and not the bad….My heart goes out to the family and his friends that loved him…keep the faith that justice will be done….

Barry says:

I believe we all wish this had not occurred. While tragic, I can’t help but feel that a “Million Hood March” is one of the most racist things I’ve heard since I first heard of the Ku Klux Klan. Have people forgotten history, the meaning of history and how symbols mean something? You can’t simply take an event that occurs in Florida and use that as an excuse to gather in Rochester, NY. You can’t take a symbol of racism and twist it to your needs! What is next, a Swastika armband in support? You can do all of these things, but I wish people would stop and ask themselves whether or not they should.
As an attorney, I’ve always believed in letting the process play out. Justice is not always served, but the law wasn’t designed for justice. People may hate that statement, but it is the truth. If he is charged, he’ll be charged. To convict, you have to have your case solid. To arrest, charge and attempt to convict before you have all of the evidence you need is premature, reckless and would lead to a not guilty verdict. I could beat this case blindfolded as it stands now.
I’ve seen racist marches up close, I’ve seen riots and I know what this is (even if organizers will try to say it isn’t or won’t say what it is b/c they’ve convinced themselves otherwise). Once a person decides to go down a path, you can’t tell them anything. I’m disappointed that people are so ignorant and foolish that they are willing to fall for this. I’m disappointed that people can’t remember that a hood is a symbol for racism.

Gary says:

I am normally a quiet person and hate to watch the news, because it never has anything good in life. I would like to say to the Martian family, I am very sorry that any family has to bury a child. My neighbor’s buried their child 5 years ago, she was in a car accident. But, with Trayvon this all could have been prevented. I don’t understand why these terrible acts happen. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that justice will be correct on this one.

Deepest sympathy,