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    Rochester’s Victims of Violence Not Forgotten

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    Democrat & Chronicle's Not ForgottenEvery death is a tragedy. But when someone is murdered, it is an act of violence against the victim, their family, their friends and every one around us. Homicide victims are not just statistics. They are our “neighbors” and our family. They may be innocent victims or accomplices in their own deaths. And they all deserve to be remembered.

    Not Forgotten: Rochester’s Victims of Homicides in 2007

    Courtesy of the “Democrat & Chronicle”, this beautiful collection of homicide victim events date back to 2007. We thought it’d be a nice reminder and hope that the D&C can provide this again in the future. It was a wonderful contribution to those who lost a loved one.


S Jones says:

It would be nice if this memorial could have been an ongoing continuous project. Would would have to be contacted in order to see if we could make this happen?

Tredae Walker says:

In 2008 July 4, My brother TRACY T WALKER was pronounced dead. He was murder by a 16 year old boy that was just seeking revenge. My brother older brother had killed 2 people earlier and he went to jail. They couldnt get to him but decided to KILL MY BROTHER…….WHY??? WHAT WOULD THAT SOLVE???? NOTHING!!!!! I guess take a life for a life. Nooooo!!! That should never be the answer. Now im without a older brother…He will never see me grow up and become a woman, he will never see me graduate, he will never see me get married but instead at the age of 11 I had to bury him. The love for him did not extinguish but kindled even more. I HAVE HIM IN MY HEART AND I HAVE GOD TO HELP ME THROUGH THE WAY. I am 16 years old and I have gave my life to God. We need to stop the violence. OPERATION NOT ON MY BLOCK!!!!!!

Tim Holloway says:

I was stationed in Mannheim Germany with Joseph Wilburn. We were in the 574th s&s together. We had some good times. It was 1988 when I last saw him, but it seemed like yesterday. I always like the way he refered to himself in the 3rd person(your main man). He was my main man. He did a great coaching with youth baskettball. Nobody knew more about rythem and blues music than Wilburn. I’m sorry to find out about his passing, but I’m glad I got to know him. He was a great guy. RIP yo main man.

Shantel says:

My brother Eddie (Rabbit) Williams was murdered on Brown Street in 1992. The person responsible was never bought to justice. My brother you are truly missed by your sisters, brothers, mother, children and grandchildren which unfortunately you never got to meet. We know you are at peace looking down smiling at us. We feel your spirit in our hearts. You are gone to heaven but you will never be forgotten..
We love and miss you so much….

MS.TOIYA says:

I miss you Corey there’s not a day go by that I’m missing you! I know you lookin down on me letting know things gonna get better! I swear everytime I’m stressin I hear your voice sayin “you got that,do you lil sis”!or your fav “say no more! I wish you were I know things would’ve been diff with kids and fam….man I love you I miss you tell daddy I love him/miss him too! Can’t 4get bout Norm…tell him I said watup Dawg! Love ya!

Courtnie says:

There’s a lot of names known on that list Rest In Peace to them all an I truely won’t forget your life an the days you’ve shared with me an how u changed me in so many ways thank u an I will always love you Rip Rasean Roberts miss u!! <3

james wearen says:

I miss my brother Tyshon Wearen aka T-$hon, so much. It’s been 5years since he been gone. I can never for get abot u i thyou every think about you evryday. Rip You are always in my heart.
We still party for you but i can’t injoy life with out you.

james wearen says:

I miss my brother Tyshon Wearen aka T-$hon, so much. It’s been 5years since he been gone. I can never for get abot u i thyou every think about you evryday. Rip You are always in my heart.

traygivinitalligot says:


LIsa Marin- Norville says:

I have not seen my Brother Hector Merced in alot of years but his memories are always in my heart. There is no one that will ever be missed as much as I miss my Brother. I love you and will hold you in my heart for life…..

sirena cotton says:

As I view this not forgotten page . I clicked on my son Christopher Jones and I hear my moms voice speaking about Chris. Wowww! what a feeling . May she too Rest in Peace!

Danejah says:

I kno that the city has more sources to help.centers, trips so dem can see another way dem could live.mentoring for young couples.etc..without love its all 4 naht.1love dane-jah!!