• Gold 4 Cash robbed in Brighton (Video)

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    Gold 4 Cash Robbed in Brighton, NY

    Robbery of Cash 4 Gold on West Henrietta Road


    A large quantity of cash and jewelry was stolen from a Brighton store Monday, police said.

    Robbers tied up and physically threatened employees of Gold 4 Cash, 2779 West Henrietta Road.

    “It was a violent robbery and firearms were involved,” Brighton Police Chief Mark Henderson said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

    Four men entered the store, indicating they were going to sell some jewelry. They then overpowered the employees and removed jewelry, including rings and watches, from display cases, Brighton police said.

    While trying to get more information on different items, one of the men hit an employee in the head, causing minor injuries, police said.

    The men are believed to have left in a white sport utility vehicle.

    Police declined to give the value of the gold jewelry, cash and coins that were taken.

    It was not clear how long the employees were restrained before they were able to free themselves and call for help, though Henderson said he believed it to be a short period of time. Police arrived at the store about 7:19 p.m.

    Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call 911. Police are still investigating.

    [Provided by Democrat & Chronicle]

cerell says:

Thats ignorant to say that “The criminals should get plastered to the wall” . This is a prime example of the unfortunate, avoidable murders that are being commited. How could you possibly sleep at night knowing that someoine has lost their life, over something material that can be replaced? It makes you question humanity, and if it even still exists. We have all made some bad/terrible decisions, but we shouldnt be killed for it. You dont know the situations these men were in, to go out and steal from Cash 4 Gold…. All Im saying is that inorder to stop the violence WE ALL have to change our way of thinking, We all belong to someone and are special to someone, and no one life is worth more than another. We should all learn to Coexist with one another peacefully, and have more compassion and patience with eachother, because we would expect someone to have it with us.

Fed Up says:

Had this happened downtown, those losers would have been dead. They are moving into our territory now, and that is why I carry a sidearm. It is quite unfortunate that the employees of the store were not armed. Also, stores like this should have full-time guards with shotguns.
I hope the next time a robbery happens around here, the criminals get plastered to the wall.
At least I can rest at night knowing that once their caught, they’ll be raped each day and night in prison.