• A letter to city officials… from YOU!

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    Change requires us to voice our opinions to the city. And they're ready to listen.

    Our festival on July 23rd is all about impeding violence in Rochester, New York. But where do we start?
    Roc The Peace is a grass-roots effort to open up more dialog between you and  and influential decision makers in public office. Many of us have great ideas that never reach the ears of Mayor Thomas S. Richards or Chief James Sheppard of the Rochester Police Department. These are individuals who have a vested interest in viewing Rochester as a place that is “Made For Living”. And they will be speaking at Roc The Peace this year.

    If there was one idea or question you could ask, what would it be?
    We’re going to compile a list of the most popular questions and most innovative ideas and present them to our festival speakers. They will have an opportunity to address your issues live and on stage on July 23, 2011. Feel free to comment below. Or ask us on Twitter at @rocthepeace.

Anonymous says:

who in tha hell killed my cuzzin Everest Douglas and is Detective Weathers tha only detective in Rochester? Why doesnt he take his job serious?..

why is it that when family members of murdered victims go down to ask questions were treated as if were tha killers?

why is it that in order for a homicide to be solved tha public gotta do tha detrctives jobs somethin they get paid a damn good salary for, but yet its tha public that solves tha case?…yup im on a tyrant but so what?

Monroe Ave, SHEILA HUNDLEY, resident says:

First point: Mr Jones was shot overnight on a Saturday/Sunday. The following weekend, there was – what seemed – half a police force out in cars and on foot patrolling the area around where the shooting occurred. This type of reactive policing may have prevented a second shooting in the area, but where was the PROACTIVE policing to prevent the first shooting? And we’re discussing cuts to the budget regarding the force? This needs to be addressed. Soon. Roc The PEACE.
Second point: when a shooting occurs on, say, Clifton, is there the same reactive policing the following weekend that we saw on the gentrified Monroe Avenue side of town? Let’s talk about this.

Carlos Quinones (Coker) says:

My work with the youth (young males) in collaborative efforts with many scholastic and community based institutions, has further solidified my long held assertion that we must focus our attention on developing contributing members of society. Not just good test takers.
With regard to academic achievement, the consistently appalling performance gap between Rochester schools and their suburban counterparts cannot continue. Simply put, too often many established instructional practices disregard/discount the correlation between what occurs outside of the academic arena, and students’ initiative inside it. As if the effects can be worked around and the students have to adjust. That would be understandable, if the situation were not cycling and worsening through successive years.

For the sake of brevity, I ask only what considerations will be made collectively to implement a non traditional approach centered around increased interaction between students and influential community members? there are ways to do it without curtailing the currently imbedded curriculum, and those ways are certainly cost effective!
My focus throughout some programs I’ve created have centered around young males, because they are/should be the trendsetters and leaders.
Dubois once warned of the importance of the energy they possess, and cautioned that ignoring or failing to direct them as an invitation to “mighty fires”, which we see in the violence, academic apathy, incarceration rates and generally consistent “under achievement”.
I have conducted group sessions with dozens of young “at-risk” males, the ones who are frequently suspended, or failing, or gang affiliated.
They also happen to be the “cool” or popular kids, the alpha males if you will, and are generally leaders among their peers. I feel they are the key ingredient for positive change in the schools. They are also neglected and/or mishandled too often. A lack of true understanding of these young men, on the part of administrators and educators, and directing energy toward changing that, is a definite starting point for examining why this occurs.
They feel mistrusted, misunderstood and as a result have tuned out. Without going further, let it be known that I have many suggestions, and resources, and I am one of many, do I have any ears?

Anonymous says:

I have seen the police bust houses for drugs and no arrests have been made, their have been people selling drugs and smoking drugs right in front of police officers and nothing was done about it. the police just ride by like nothing is going on, thats why I dont think this movement will work, its my opinion based on what i have seen that the police dept is corrupt, they need the aid of the state police,I just hope that they are not corrupted also. It will be up to us to change things not the police or the politicians. please take my name off of this and my e-mail also thank you. Im hoping that we can make a difference and that it isnt to late

Grace Flores says:

I believe the best way to combat the violence on our streets is by everyone coming together. There has been a separation between the generations, which has led to everyone NOT understanding nor empathizing with one another. Roc The Peace is an event that not only addresses the issues but also does it in a safe fun entertaining and educational atmosphere. Because it is being administered by people who are most effected, it (the event) will be something ALL can relate to and embrace. I applaud all efforts by city officials however sometimes Grassroot efforts, such as this, are more effective simply because they go to the root. We are the root. So if I have any question at all it would be; Do you have a better plan to cure the sickness of Violence we have become plagued with? … and if so then Why not incorporate us with you?

Lastly, sometimes “Heal Thyself” is exactly what the doctor prescribes