• 9 arrests made in fights that forced police to close Lake Ontario Beach Park

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    Lawanda Moses / Photo provided by Monroe County Sheriff's Office

    Lawanda Moses / Photo provided by Monroe County Sheriff's Office

    At least nine people were arrested after participating in a fight which forced police to shut down Lake Ontario Beach Park Monday night.
    [Click to watch news clip on WHAM Channel 13]

    Monroe County Sheriff’s officials said several large fights involving as many as 200 people started about 6:30 p.m. in several areas of the park. Deputies and members of the Rochester and Greece police departments moved in to break up the fights and to move people out of the area.

    As the crowds left, fights broke out along Lake Avenue and in several nearby neighborhoods, police said.

    There were multiple arrests and one deputy suffered a minor injury. It is unclear if any of the people involved in the fight were injured.

    At least five people were charged by Rochester police with disorderly conduct. Their names were not immediately available.

    Those charged by deputies include:

    • Erica Blake, 31, of Burrows Street; charged with second-degree assault, for allegedly scratching Deputy Shawn Edwards in the face. The charge is a felony.
    • Lawanda Moses, 20, of Electric Avenue, Rochester; charged with disorderly conduct.
    • Donovan Shaw, 19, of Battle Green Drive, Chili; charged with disorderly conduct.
    • Jason Love, 21, of State Street, Rochester; charged with disorderly conduct. Disorderly conduct is a violation.

    One other person is expected to be arrested, according to deputies.

    [Provided by Democrat & Chronicle and WHAM Channel 13 ]


      Erika Blake / Photo provided by Monroe County Sheriff's Office

      Erika Blake / Photo provided by Monroe County Sheriff's Office



    Anonymous says:

    I’m so sick of hearing that the fight at the beach was inner city kids. Charlotte may not have big buildings and have a beach but it is part of the City of Rochester. What do you expect kids from the other parts of the city to do in the summer? They don’t have money for a car so the only thing that makes sense to them is to hop on the bus line and go to the beach. Everyone on here is talking about its the blacks and throwing remarks out that are racist. The truth is that Charlotte is just as much of a dump than the of ‘inner city’ areas. Empty buildings, City cops, and CRIME. Its all the same damn place. So sorry that you don’t see Pamela running down the beach in her red suit. Well thats bc Charlotte might as well be called Thurston Ave. Its just going to continue to get worse. Good luck to the ‘Good’ people of Charlotte. Maybe some day it will make sense to you and you will move out of there.

    Anonymous says:

    Councilman Adam Mcfadden This guy is a prime example (Watching)

    “I think what you saw at the beach is what we’ve been seeing in many of our neighborhoods for two decades,” said Councilman Adam Mcfadden. “It’s just that you had a lot of people there who are not used to that culture and got to witness it personally.”

    Is this guy serious.. Its just that people aren’t used to it… What the ????

    Wait.. we should”Get used to Violence” in our streets, and in our tax paid Beaches, parks, and everywhere else???

    I’m confused.

    How bout doing something about the thugs and punks that are ruining this City, Town, and Village….

    Anonymous says:

    Rochester, a city full of— COWARDS! To let the youths of Rochester shut down Seabreeze and the Greece Carnival is giving in to the juvenile delingquints and letting them call the shots. When is enough, enough ? I say it is time to take back the Liberty Pole and Charlotte Beach and the rest of this cock roach infested city. If the RPD won’t do it, then we, as a civilized society must take the proper action and beat this infestation back into their homes and be ready for them anytime they stick their heads out of their door. If they want to take the violent approach, then we must oblige them and make sure we win. That’s right, bust a few heads. When they hold their rallys, we must out-rally them, Joe Horn style. It really is time to fight fire with fire. Can we get a citizens group together and get started ?

    Anonymous says:

    never again will i go to charlotte beach, i took my grandson to use the bathroom there while we were at a party in the park,first of all ,i should have let him go outside the building,the place is a shithole.ghetto thugs hanging around inside and outside the place ,not a cop to be found,,ill never go near the place again,,to bad my 3 year year old grandson had to hear the language they were using.

    Anonymous says:

    Punk kids win again. Shut down a park and ruin it for families having a good time at a BBQ. Can we ever get our city back ? These punks seem to own it from the Liberty Pole all the way to the beach. When is enough, enough ? When will we learn that when they congregate in large numbers there is going to be trouble ? This madness has got to stop. It really is time to fight fire with fire. Bust a few heads and let them know they no longer run the streets. If they want to protest then we have to protest louder. If they want to become violent then we have to step up to the challenge and outnumber them into submission. It should start at the liberty pole today. For Rochester to survive we must drive these cockroaches back into their homes and keep them there. This has gone on for too long. The time is now. No more chances. I hope one of the newschannels shows the mugshots and names of the ones arrested yesterday so that I know who the latest slimeballs are. I hope RPD makes a show of force at the Liberty Pole today. That place is out of hand.

    Anonymous says:

    How surprising is it that there hasn’t been any video of the out of control gangs. If the cops pulled out tasers and clubs, video would be on national news. Sad how the thugs get a free pass.

    Anonymous says:

    WOW…… What is this world coming to…….RPD cop on news this morning blamed everything on Seabreeze closing!!! This mentality is what the problem is …….cop should be fired for making such a stupid statement. Oh I forgot we don’t take responsibility for our actions we blame it on something else or somebody else. He sounded like one of the ghetto parents always making excuses for their kids behavior!