• Shooting Victim Speaks Out About Physical and Emotional Pain

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    A Rochester woman is speaking out after being shot in the face in her own home early Thursday morning. Zora Wright, 53, suffered non-life threatening injuries but healing the physical and emotional scars could take time. As police continue to search for those responsible, the fear and anger Wright is experiencing isn’t getting any easier. YNN’s Kate McGowan and photojournalist Matt Matt explain.


    ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Zora Wright said, “I was in shock…”

    It’s the one place she felt safe. A place, she said, that doesn’t feel safe anymore.

    “I knew it sounded like it was close but I never imagined it was my house.”

    Zora was home with her family Thursday morning when bullets sprayed into her home. First through her son’s window, and then into Zora’s room.

    “I was just lying on the floor, saying ‘I’m hit! I’m hit!”

    Wright was shot in the right side of her mouth. A second bullet was lodged in her back.

    “I knew I was, I knew I was struck in the face when I fell, and there was just blood coming out of my mouth, thick like pudding.”

    Zora was rushed to Strong Hospital. Her injuries were not life threatening, but Zora needed stitches in and around her mouth.

    She’s been released from the hospital but is still in pain.

    “Mostly my tongue, where the bullet fragment is in my tongue, and up where my teeth is because they knocked my teeth all the way up here to where my eyes is. You can actually feel it there,” she said.

    Rochester Police are still looking for whomever is responsible for the shooting.

    While investigators said it’s too early to tell if Zora was targeted, Zora believes it was no accident. She now fears for her family.

    “I’m dealing with when I look at myself, I’m dealing with worrying about my kids, and worrying about myself. I’m dealing with what did I do to you? Mainly, I’m dealing with not having my life.”

    With the shooter or shooters still walking free, Zora isn’t even comfortable in her own home.

    She said, “This will go away, this will go away. But the pain in my heart won’t. I would just like to know why? Why they did it?”

    There were four people in Zora’s house during the shooting. No one else was injured.

    Police are still investigating this incident and are asking anyone with information to call 911.


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    [Article courtesy of YNN]
RTP says:

Zora, how are things coming along with your mom?